Studio Sundays, presented by Great West Life, London Life, and Canada Life, offer hands-on art activities and family-friendly explorations of themes in our current exhibitions every Sunday from 2 - 4pm, led by a trained Gallery Facilitator in the BMO Learning Centre.

The first Sunday of every month at the MacKenzie is Storytelling Sunday, where Gallery Facilitators read and tell stories related to works on view in the Gallery, followed by an exhibition-related art activity. Special Sundays throughout the year include guest artist-led workshops, musical performances and more in the galleries.
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March 5: Reading and Responding to Mwakwa Talks to the Loon by Dale Auger
Listen to Dale Auger’s story of a young Cree man who is an excellent hunter, but takes his gifts for granted.  Create your own short picture book with watercolour illustrations about a lesson you have learned in your own life.

March 12: Rhythms and Patterns in the Canadian Landscape
Make an oil pastel image of a Canadian Landscape, with an emphasis on the patterns you can see in the objects, colours, and shapes of that landscape.

March 19: Scary Monsters- Exploring our Fears
Explore and challenge your fears by creating a unique monster!  Use acrylic paints to bring your creature to life.

March 26: Abstracting Artwork Collage
Look for ways to simplify the shapes in the images in Across the Turtle’s Back, and create your own abstracted collage.


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