Since 1997, the MacKenzie Enbridge Young Artists Project has been responding to community issues by developing rich and relevant arts programming. 

Enbridge Young Artists Project creates greater respect and understanding between culturally diverse students. Initiated to break down barriers for inner-city students, the program is designed to inspire and support students as they explore issues of contemporary identity, culture, and creativity.

This award winning program engages youth with current exhibitions through in-school workshops, Gallery tour programs and special events. 

The Enbridge Young Artists Project also provides emerging artists with new and exciting opportunities to work in their chosen field. Resident artists serve as role models and mentors, sharing their knowledge and experience with the diverse student participants.

Partnered schools:

  • Albert Community School
  • Kitchener Community School
  • Martin Collegiate High School
  • Mother Theresa Middle School
  • Sacred Heart Community School
  • Scott Collegiate
  • Seven Stones Community School